Halo Head Weight

The concept of utilizing or applying weight on the head for improvement of upper body posture is not a new idea.  Human beings have been carrying weight on their heads for thousands of years as a means of transporting materials and goods such as water, food and firewood.

Gravity HelmetIn the late 1800’s, a gentleman named John Corker observed the connection between upright posture and individuals who carried weight on their heads.  In 1893, Corker patented the first modern device designed to improve upper body posture.  In the early 1900’s, women of the social upper class were educated on the importance of postural etiquette. (View Gravity Helmet Patent Here).

As a teenager, my mother used to constantly remind me to stand up straight and stop “SLOUCHING”.  In the early 70’s, slouching was a gesture of “COOLNESS” among many teen boys.  Today I am the one constantly reminding my teenager to STAND UP STRAIGHT.

Like me, most people don’t recognize that they have poor posture but many of us do feel the effects of it as we age.  The most common side effects are headaches, neck and shoulder pain also referred to as Myofascial or Musculoskeletal pain.

Head Weight PatentAfter decades of research on deficient posture and its contributory negative affect on the spine, there appears to be a general consensus among  many healthcare professionals that poor posture has become epidemic, especially within the younger population. Could it be that lifestyle is to blame? How many of us use a computer or hand held devices? These work and social activities may be the greatest promoter of poor posture.

What makes the Halo Rejuvenator unique?

It performs multiple functions at once.  Halo improves upper body posture by way of engaging the body’s righting reflex response and it alleviates the symptoms of poor posture by stretching constricted and angry muscles and tendons.  There’s only one catch… you have to wear it in order to benefit!

You see, I am not the original inventor or creator of a product which improves upper body posture. I am simply the conduit serving to educate folks on how they might improve their postural health and reduce physical pain.

Yours in Health,
Scott Flavell

Scott Flavell