We’ve tried to answer many Frequently Asked Questions about the Halo Rejuvenator and its benefits. If we haven’t addressed your specific question, please feel free to contact us.


How does the Halo actually alleviate headaches and neck pain ?

Most tension headaches and neck pain result from the restriction of Arteries and veins which carry blood to the fine layers of muscle which cover the skull. The weight of the Halo gently releases muscle constriction and allows for increased blood circulation; hence, headaches and muscle tension pain are reduced or eliminated.

How long should I wear the Halo ?

For most individuals, five to fifteen minutes is adequate. When worn for the first time, some individuals may feel a slight sense of dizziness or feeling off balance. This sensation is normal and is the result of proprioception. Proprioceptors are sensors located in our eyes, ears, and spine and they control the body's righting reflexes. The body is simply adjusting to the added weight placed on the head and should pass quickly.

Could wearing the Halo have any negative effects ?

As a general rule, if you put the Halo on and feel any immediate or noticeable pain in the neck region, it is advisable to discontinue use and seek professional advice. There may be a pre-existing condition you may be unaware of.

Could the Halo be beneficial for neck injuries or trauma like Whiplash ?

Yes. Many Healthcare professionals use the Halo as a tool for stretching and strengthening the soft tissue surrounding the vertebrae which may have been weakened as a result of whiplash or sudden impact injuries.

Are there any restrictions on age as to who can use the Halo ?

No. The Halo has been used by individuals of all ages. We do manufacture a Halo Rejuvenator for small children which uses less weight (1/2 lb).

Does the Halo come in different sizes ?

The Halo is designed with a "one size fits all" Velcro fastener which is located on the back of the headband.

What is the Halo Rejuvenator made of?

The Halo Rejuvenator is made from a material known as Geoprene rubber. Unlike Neoprene, Geoprene is a non petroleum based product created from limestone whose organic structure is 99.7 percent calcium carbonate.
Geoprene is considered a green product (ecologically safe for the environment).
The weighted material inside the Rejuvenator is carbon steel microspheres.
Made in USA.

How do I use the Halo to reduce neck and shoulder muscle tension pain ?

The Halo is very effective for alleviating pain in the neck and shoulders.There are simple exercise instructions on the back of the product package.

If I don't like the Halo, can I return it ?

Yes. We offer a 60 day, full money back guarantee excluding shipping. The purchaser is responsible for paying the shipping to return the product which is approximately $6.00-$8.00 depending on where you live in the US.